Panda Research Review – Can You Make Money with this Site?

Panda Research is a site that I recently came across as I was searching around for a few extra ways to make money online.

As many of you know, I’m a college student — and college frankly isn’t that cheap :( .

As such, I figured “what could I lose” and I went ahead and signed up for the site to judge the site’s effectiveness for making money.

I’ve gotten pretty used to entering my information online, and so I decided I would do a quick review of what this site looks like on the inside so those of who are looking for ways to make money would know whether this site was worth your time.

So let’s head into the inner-workings of Panda Research.

What type of Site is Panda Research?

Panda Research is an online survey and offer site.  Once you’ve created and confirmed your account using the link they send to your email you will be eligible to begin taking their surveys and completing some offers. This site mimics a few other survey sites on the web, but here’s the thing about this site that I’ve found to make it incredibly unique.

Not only do they have a large number of offers to complete (I’ve included a picture of some of those offers below), but they will also pay you for taking surveys and signing up for other survey sites as well.

That’s what has absolutely baffled me.

I’ve never heard of another survey site paying you to also sign up for other survey sites. Signing up for other sites within Panda Research will not only earn you extra cash, but it will also help you to locate even more sites to make money online with.

Likewise, I’ve done several of these surveys myself and have quickly accumulated some cash (as well as joined a several of the survey sites Panda Research recommends).

Here are a few pictures of both the offers and the surveys page:

Some of the Offers and the Price Paid to Complete them:


Some of the Surveys:


So is Panda Research a go?

I’d say yes. In the end you’re the final judge, but I’d argue that this site is one with almost no reason to pass up. It’s free to sign up, they have a decent amount of surveys and offers to complete, and they pay you pretty well for your time. (Not to mention a $3 bonus just for signing up and confirming your account).

Although Panda Research does require some information to get you signed up, I’d encourage you to not shy away from this. They require this information so they can locate the most relevant surveys and offers for you to complete.

This not only helps you to earn more money (in that you will actually qualify for more surveys), but it will also save you a bunch of time by not having to reenter a bunch of information every time you go to complete a survey.

Moreover, if you’re looking to earn some extra cash (from a place where you have access to the internet — even if it is in class like me :) ) then I would say give Panda Research a try.

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